Clarifying Agent BT-9803M

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Clarifying Agent BT-9803M

BT-9803M is popular type of MDBS for sorbitol based clarifying agent which belongs to second generation.

It can be used in PP and LLDPE.

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BT-9803M is a high performance sorbitol based (MDBS) Clarifying Agent with improved quality. It acts as a Clarifying Agent, by creating a large number of small size spherulites (<1μm) during the cooling of the polypropylene melt. These small spherulites lead to a polypropylene that has greatly improved clarity and reduces haze compared to polypropylene which is not clarified. The structural formula of this product has been approved by FDA allowable using in food contacts in the world market.


Product advantages:

  • Can reduces haze and enhances the clarity of polypropylene.
  • Can increase heat resistance, so that PP products can be used in microwave oven.
  • Can improve the surface smoothness of the finished products.
  • Can enhanced stiffness of the molded part and shorter cycle time during the molding process.
  • It is ideal for food contact and medical applications. 


The useful information:




White powder


Can be used in PP and LLDPE




10 kg / bag


What is Nucleating Agent?

Nucleating agent is a kind of additive which is suitable for incomplete crystallized plastics such as PP and PE. By changing the crystallization behavior of resin and accelerate the crystallization rate, can achieve the purpose of shortening the molding cycle, increasing clarity surface gloss, rigidity, thermal deformation temperature, tensile strength and impact resistance of finished products.
Polymer modified by Clarifying Agent, It not only retains the original features of polymer, but also has better performance price ratio than many materials with good processing performance and wide range of application. Using Nucleating Agent in PP not only replace glass, but also replace other polymers like PET, HD, PS, PVC, PC, etc. for making food packing, medical implement, cultural article for daily use, clarifying wrapper and other high grade tableware.
CHINA BGT can provide full range of Nucleating Agent, such as Clarifying Agent, Nucleating Agent for increasing rigidity and β-Crystal Nucleating Agent. These products can be used in PP, PE, PET, PBT, NYLON, PA, EVA, POM and TPU etc.

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